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Episode 220: Ninja Trigonometry

final fantasy football david's trigun coats 34th anniversary games law of inverse ninjas hancock ninjas ninja trigonometry redneck newsgroups goo goo clusters cuss pack goro with four titties menstrual skunk zero percent rapey the kojima scale colon the video game here comes the jase jase jason in an iron man suit kirby is a tit

We've got a slightly confusingly worded theme for this awesome episode: games that remind you of other games! Does a game bring about memories of a different game? Is it a spiritual successor? Is it like another game but made with ninjas? Is it way past tolerable on the toilet humor scale? Does it have the vibe and the music of another game but it's less rapey? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it might be part of this episode! As always, there are tons of awesome tunes, so please enjoy!

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