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Bonus Episode: Instruments of Destruction Mixtape!

gtt mixtape instruments of destruction

Jessie's got a great mixtape celebrating games that let you fight with the power of music, sometimes very literally!

0:00:00 Hi-Fi Rush - The Beacon
0:03:00 Intro
0:10:39 Brutal Legend - Lamprey Attack
0:13:07 Brutal Legend - Kabbage Boy
0:15:38 Guilty Gear XX - Kagematsuri
0:18:35 Guilty Gear XX - DOA
0:19:42 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - Drippy
0:21:15 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - The Lead
0:24:33 Skullgirls - Schmeebop
0:27:19 Skullgirls - Shenanagins and Goings On
0:30:11 Monster Hunter Rise - Thinking of Strange Lands
0:32:44 Monster Hunter Rise - Red Glare in the Darkness
0:36:37 Mr. Bones - Bones is Bones
0:41:11 Mr. Bones - The First Thing
0:46:12 Illusion of Gaia - Drifting Endlessly
0:47:18 Illusion of Gaia - Bittersweet Victory
0:51:03 Hyrule Warriors - Psychostorm
0:54:14 Hyrule Warriors - Sandstream
0:57:55 Eternal Sonata - Opposition Resignation
1:02:13 Eternal Sonata - Revolution
1:05:13 Donkey Kong 64 - Hunky Chunky
1:06:20 Donkey Kong 64 - Troff n Scoff
1:08:51 Chrono Cross - Dream's Creation
1:10:19 Chrono Cross - Zelbess
1:13:08 Final Fantasy II (IV) - Hey, Cid!
1:14:11 Final Fantasy II (IV) - Dancing Calcobrina
1:15:06 Gitarooman - Flyin' to Your Heart
1:19:02 Gitarooman - Born to be Bone
1:22:44 Hi-Fi Rush - Making Things is Hard

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