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Bonus Episode: Mixtape De Chocobo!

chocobo gp final fantasy inexplicable legacy sequels games that were dead on arrival ubiquitous theme songs in gaming

It's a celebration of one of the most ubiquitous themes in video games, and a celebration of a pretty unfortunate launch of a bizarre new game! Chocobo GP might not be any good, but this mixtape might just make up for that with 50 renditions of the legendary theme from the Final Fantasy series!

0:00:00 Title BGM - Chocobo GP
0:01:13 Chocobo Theme - World of Final Fantasy
0:04:17 Chocobo Theme - Final Fantasy II
0:05:02 Chocobos! - Final Fantasy III
0:05:57 Theme of Chocobo - Final Fantasy Adventure
0:06:42 Chocobo ~ Chocobo - Final Fantasy IV
0:07:35 Go Go Boco! - Final Fantasy V
0:08:36 Techno de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VI
0:10:40 Fiddle de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII
0:11:58 Mods de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VIII
0:14:05 Ukulele de Chocobo - Final Fantasy IX
0:15:04 Brass de Chocobo - Final Fantasy X
0:16:20 Dash de Chocobo - Final Fantasy XI: Zilart no Genei
0:19:22 Chocobo - Final Fantasy XII
0:21:15 Chocobos of Pulse - Final Fantasy XIII
0:24:33 Eorzea de Chocobo - Final Fantasy XIV
0:26:34 Rodeo De Chocobo (Walking) - Final Fantasy XV
0:28:56 Dash de Chocobo - Chocobo Racing
0:30:00 Chocobo Theme - Tobal 2
0:31:48 Chocobo - Final Fantasy X-2
0:33:27 Chocobo - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
0:35:12 Chocobo! - Final Fantasy Type-0
0:36:28 Bo-down - Final Fantasy XIV
0:38:09 Groovy Chocobo - Final Fantasy XIII-2
0:41:41 Chocobo's Theme - Chocobo Racing
0:43:07 Cinco de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII
0:45:52 Aloha de Chocobo - Final Fantasy IX
0:48:04 Circuit de Chocobo - Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan
0:51:40 Prismelody: Chocobo - Wishes - World of Final Fantasy
0:53:59 Blues de Chocobo - Final Fantasy XV
0:55:57 Bluesy Chocobo - Lightning Returns
0:59:53 Hip Hop de Chocobo (Jukebox Ver.) - Final Fantasy VII Remake
1:02:11 Chocobattle! - Mobius Final Fantasy
1:05:51 Cid's Test Course - Chocobo Racing
1:08:02 Crazy Chocobo - Final Fantasy XIII-2
1:09:52 Wild de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII Remake
1:11:16 Cocoon de Chocobo - Chasing Dreams - Final Fantasy XIII
1:13:53 Electric de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII
1:15:48 Gateway to Paradise - Final Fantasy XIV: Before the Fall
1:17:48 Electric de Chocobo (Jukebox Ver.) - Final Fantasy VII Remake
1:20:45 Chocobo Returns - Lightning Returns
1:24:20 Choose a Chocobo - Chocobo Racing
1:25:10 Samba de Chocobo! - Final Fantasy IV
1:26:09 Mambo de Chocobo! - Final Fantasy V
1:27:08 Run Chocobo, Run! - Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan
1:28:33 Marimba de Chocobo - Lightning Returns
1:31:50 Sport of Kings - Final Fantasy XIV: Before the Fall
1:34:20 Rodeo de Chocobo - Final Fantasy XIII-2
1:36:14 Rodeo de Chocobo (Running) - Final Fantasy XV
1:39:08 Chocobo Course - Chocobo GP

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